Landscaping Stones

  • Pea Stone
  • Large Round Stone
  • Crushed Stone
  • Marble Stone
  • Midnight Granite
  • Slate Scape


Large Round, Pea,
Small Crushed  Stones

Pea Stone

Pea gravel is an inexpensive pea-sized stone. It is multicolored; however, from a distance, it appears to be gray. It is often used in pathways, play areas and for drainage purposes.

Small Round Stone

Small round stone averages between 1/2″ – 1″. It is commonly used by our customers for dog runs and kennels, drainage, backfill, and as a landscaping project rock. Its characteristics are similar to large round stones but are smaller rocks in size.

Large Round Stone

Large round 1-3″ is the most common used landscaping stone around the home and in landscaping projects of our customers. It has a nice mix of colors. Along with landscaping paper, it can provide good weed protection in your landscape area.

Cobble Stone 4-8"

4-8” Cobblestone is a good large stone that can still be handled by hand. Great for sea wall areas and creating borders or retaining walls. Can also be used as a decorative stone as an individual in your existing landscaping.

Cobble Stone 8-12"

Small Boulders or cobble stone ranging in size from 8-12”.  Very useful in landscaping, often used to create borders around trees and other landscape areas.  Can be used for retaining walls.  A large stone that is still handled without equipment for most people.

Small Crushed Stone

Small crushed stone 1/2″: This Michigan-based stone is a favorite for parking areas, driveways, paths, backfill and stonework foundations.

Medium Crushed Stone

Medium crushed stone 1″: It is a bit smaller than large crushed stone that is also a Michigan stone; it is good for landscaping, backfill, driveways and drainage.