Rubber Mulches

Bulk Rubber Mulches available for Delivery in the Local and Surrounding Battle Creek Area. For local pick up or if you wish to have the mulched installed by AHS Property Care & Landscape Supply and our trained professionals please contact us.


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Endura™ won’t stick to or stain clothes. It’s splinter-free and won’t scratch or irritate skin. It won’t become a breeding ground for mold, fungus or insects. Endura™ makes every landing a soft landing, whether at home or on a school playground.

Safety and convenience are what rubber safety surfacing is all about. Endura™ won’t blow away, wash away or get packed down, so the hassle of reapplying ground


Falls from swing sets and tumbles off slides are going to happen, so it is vital to focus on improving safety surfaces under and around play-ground equipment. Endura™ has a higher child safety rating than any other ground cover tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Com-mission, which supports the recycled rubber mulch’s superiority over other playground surfacing like wood mulch, sand and pea gravel.


  • Arena Footing
  • Business Landscaping
  • Day Care Centers
  • Home Landscaping
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools


  • ADA Compliant Per ASTM F1951
  • Long Lasting and Low Maintenance
  • 8 – 10 Year Warranty
  • Will Not Compress or Flatten Out
  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe
  • Inhibits Insects and Rodents
  • Controls Weed Growth
  • Splinter Free
  • Natural Wood Look
  • Bright Colors

Estimating Rubber Mulch Projects

1. Calculate your square footage—Length x Width

2. Determine your fall height rating:
  • A 4” installed depth protects up to a 9 foot fall height
  • A 6” installed depth protects from 7 foot to 15 foot fall height
  • A 9” installed depth protects from over 15 foot fall height

3. Multiple Square feet by:
  • 9.3 for 4”
  • 14 for 6”
  • 21 for 9”
4. Divide that number by 2000 to determine how may tons you need of material. Note: a super sack which is about 2000 pounds or 1 ton is about 3 cubic yards. A yard of rubber mulch weights about 670 lbs. Example: a 20’x20’ are which needs 4” of material would be calculated as follows:
  • 20’x20’ = 400 sq ft
  • 400 sq ft x 9.3 = 3,720 lbs
  • 3,720 lbs / 2000 = 1.86 tons of material needed
  • 3,720 lbs / 670 = 5.5 yards ( 2 super sacks is about 6 yards)