Soils and Amendments

  • Yard mix
  • Garden Mix
  • Veggie Mix
  • Compost
  • Poo


Yard Blend, Veggie Blend,
Zoo Poo, Garden Blend and Screened Compost

Yard Blend

Yard blend is a high performance yet economical soil that is easy to work with. It is designed to support quick germination when planting and maintaining new lawns. It is a screened blend of renewed earth’s organic-rich lifecycle compost and natural topsoil.
When compared to screened topsoil, yard blend is more resistant to compaction, installs easier under wet conditions and promotes healthier plants due to its higher organic content.

Garden Blend

Garden blend is a planting soil formulated for landscape beds, ground cover beds and backfilling new plantings. It provides high moisture-holding ability and a very productive nutrient utilization system. Horticultural grade composted pine bark and renewed earth lifecycle compost combine to provide natural long-term support for your plants.

Veggie Blend

Veggie blend is an optimum soil for growing vegetables. It is a blend of 85% premium topsoil, 10% lifecycle compost, 5% long fiber Canadian sphagnum peat moss. The soil is amended with blue chip 38-0-0 professional grade controlled release fertilizer, M-Roots 3-3-3, which helps the plants to gather more nutrients and ferrous sulfate as an iron supplement for greener plants.

Screened Compost

Lifecycle compost is rich organic compost used to improve lawn, garden, and potting soil. The consistent structure and well composted physical state make this compost ready to work into your soil. When blended into the existing soil, lifecycle compost will improve soil structure, increase organic content, and provide a natural home for a rich population of beneficial biological characters. Lifecycle compost is used to improve lawn, garden and potting soil.

Lifecycle compost is best used by incorporating up to 1 part lifecycle compost to 2 parts existing soil. To improve a lawn area, spread 2” of compost, and rototill to a total depth of 6” yard blend soil.

Why Buy Bags When You Can Bushel for Less

Need just a little? All items that are to be sold in bulk are available to be purchased in bushels. You can bring your own containers, or we have bags for you if you need them (free of charge). This is a very popular way by which our customers get fresh products in as much or as little as they need. We supply all the tools you need to fill your containers or bags, or you can request us to fill them for you (charges apply).

If you want a large quantity of 5 or more bushels to be bagged by us, please call ahead and we can have it waiting for you.