Home projects can involve a lot of materials. From landscaping fabric to aluminum edging pieces, you can find quality miscellaneous supplies for home projects at AHS Property Care & Landscape Supply.


High Test Vinyl Commercial Grade Edging

High Test Vinyl Commercial Grade Edging (20′ Pieces”) is a true professional grade plastic. When installed properly, it will stay in place even in our climate. We have been selling this product for many years, and this stuff works! It is an excellent alternative to the aluminum and steel edging.

Fabric Staples

Fabric staples are a must-have when installing weed fabric. Coming in 10 packs, this inexpensive tool goes a long way in helping you keep your fabric laid out until you install the mulch or stone product over it. Call 269-965-6748 to get a FREE estimate Our company is licensed.

2 oz Landscaping Fabric

The 2-ounce fabric is relatively thin and has excellent oxygen and water pass through rates while offering good quality weed growth resistance. When choosing a lightweight fabric, we highly recommend the spun bound versus a fabric patterned plastic weave. The spun bound is much more effective at letting water and oxygen through and is very strong given its lightweight and because of it tight spacing between fibers resists weed growth.

Available Roll Sizes

  • 3x25'
  • 3x50'
  • 3x100'
  • 4x250'
  • 6x250'

Aluminum Edging 16' Pieces

The Curve-Rite Aluminum Edging also comes in strips 16′ long by 4″ high by 1/8″ thick, or 8′ long by 4″ high by 1/8″ thick. The edging is a natural silver color and stakes are included. This is also a very permanent product. It functions the same as steel edging but has a much different look to it. It is more noticeable in the landscape because of its bright appearance.

Design Features

  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Secure connection
  • Rigid and resilient structure
  • Anti-frost heave bottom flange
  • Structurally strong stakes