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Lawn care
It is our goal to leave you with a great looking lawn after every visit. We recommend that you become a part of our weekly service for best results. We use some of the best commercial grade equipment available. Our equipment is well maintained and the blades are kept sharp to produce quality results. Hard Edging is available upon request. Contact the experienced professionals at AHS Property Care & Landscape Supply today.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Our spring & fall cleanup service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulat-ed over the course of the fall/winter season throughout your property and on the landscape beds. We haul away the debris from your property.

We charge by the man hour so you pay for what you get, no inflated estimates. We also set up the job with your needs in mind such as cutting back plants, trimming bushes, cleaning your gutters or whatever your spring & fall clean up needs are specific to your property.
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Overseeding Lawns

Grass is a plant. It has a lifecycle. Most lawns can use a regular schedule of over-seeding to maintain that full looking lawn we often desire. Thicker fuller lawns also keep weeds out because there is no where for the weeds to plant themselves. Most weedy lawns are a direct result of lack of grass. This often apparent in spotty lawns. We can handle your overseeding needs using the right mix of grass for this area on your lawn. We do recommend using out organic lawn treatment (see be-low) service at the same time as overseeding, it will not hurt the grass seed, in fact it will assist the seed’s growth.
lawn over-seeding

Organic Lawn Treatments
Aeration, Thatching & Fertilizer

Lawn treatment
This one service fertilizes, aerates, bio-activates soils and grass, improves organic matter and soil structure, de-thatches and improves root development. It is the perfect lawn treatment. We offer monthly treatments which is the best answer for dealing with your lawn conditions. CONTAINS NO PESTISIDES! Pet friendly and can even be added to garden beds upon request.

What makes Organic Lawn Treatments better? Because its an all in one solution provide by nature itself.


Mechanical aeration only penetrates 2-3 inches in the root zone and much less on bumpy or thatchy lawns. You want to get into the more clay like soil 3-8 inches deep to encourage rooting and improve drainage. Our organic lawn treatment will penetrate beyond the existing root zone and additional applications will go even deeper. Fur-thermore, aeration machines poke holes about 6 inches apart and leave messy plugs and they DO NOT change the structure of your soil. Our liquid based organic lawn treatment covers the entire lawn and actually breaks up the bond that hold clay particles together.


The natural dethatching properties of our organic liquid lawn treatment solution is formulated to generate and accelerate the decomposition of thatch in lawns. No more need to rake it out or pay the costly expense of labor to do it. Our application adds specific microbes needed for thatch decomposition the way nature intended it. The thatch degrades and you will see it turn into rich, dark humus as it begins to break down. This humus feeds plants and lawns, natures own source.


The 16-4-8 fertilizer (we use phosphorus free) a natural nutrient package derived from Seaweed, Humic Acids, and Molasses. This gives you additional vitamins, bio-stimulants, and trace elements including Vitamins B-1, B-12, Gibberellins, Indoles, Auxins, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Sulfur.

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