Snow Plowing Services

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AHS Property Care
& Landscape Supply

696 North 20th St. Springfield, Michigan 49037

Top-Quality Snow Plowing Services

AHS Property Care & Landscape Supply offers residential and commercial snow services. From plow trucks to snow blowers and shovels, we can keep your property safe from the damages of winter. We also provide salting services if needed. We operate in a professional manner with all appropriate insurances, and we also provide after-season visits to repair any plow damage that might have occurred.

We operate several snow trucks during the winter to provide the quickest service possible. We also are very mindful of the commercial business hours to ensure your commercial property is cleaned up prior to opening for the day!

Residential Services

You have enough to do and worry about! Let AHS handle your snow management needs. Our typical snow trigger for residential properties is 2 inches or more. When this trigger is met, we will disburse to our routes, and we make every effort to ensure that you get in and out of your driveway to your home! We can also keep your sidewalks clear while plowing the driveway!

  • Plow driveways
  • Clear sidewalks
  • Salting available

Be a part of our residential snow route and you will never have to worry about the snow keeping you away from home. We have several snow-ready vehicles as part of our fleet to ensure that we are getting around to all our customers as quickly as possible. We hang our hat on the idea that you should always be able to get out of your house even in the toughest storms.

Commercial Services

  • Parking lots
  • Commercial sidewalks
  • Salting
  • Fully insured
  • Specialize in the small to medium business
  • Prompt response and service

We currently run 7 plow trucks to ensure all our clients’ properties are cleaned up and ready to open for the business day. We hang our hats on being reliable and responsive to the needs as they occur. Contact us for more information!

We know that it is important to have your business ready to go for the day during a snowy night or day. We plan our routes and personnel to ensure your business is open to operate! During major storms, we help keep your business property accessible to the public and your employees! Salting services are also available for those icy times with or without snow. We manage the snow so that you can manage your business!